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Re: New ranger

I would also do a dex build to start out. I would clarify that it is a good thing to have 100 str however. I would recommend Until your str is 100, then Double shot is not worth bothering, with dex you hit 90% or more of your autos, no need to waste points in the skill. I would use L...

Re: Solution

Complaining is fine- as long as it is... reasonable. If you like the class, then stick with it. Personally I would rather have all our current skills fixed (except perhaps for the occasional skill that's good as is... like entangle- actually I think that's about the only one... X.X). I could care le...

New engine

Hello, My fellow heroes. You need to calm down and relax a bit about this new update/engine. Remember when Rome II: Total War first came out? those who got the game preordered or right away were downright ticked off most royally. The game was super buggy and had all sorts of problems. Well guess wha...

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