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Re: Axe/hammer/sword?

Up until about level 115 I have only ever used swords whether it be falcons great swords ancient swords warden quartz diamond or meteoric. I have used them all. But recently I have started to use spear. At first borrowing a friends aggy trident until I found an adamant spear for sale. It took 1 day ...

Stupid agro

I am at a loss. I am a level 121 warrior and I get all the agro. It doesn't matter if im in groups with warrior rogue mage ranger or druid. I can be up to 40 levels lower than a dps build and still receive agro. Please someone explain this to me


Please forgive me if I get names wrong but i am wanting to buy a batbone misc charm for warrior (adds vitality and health) Also obelisk damage rings. I have 20 heat and 15 cold so will be looking to improve both of these. Please message me in game or shoot me a mail if you have any for sale. In game...

Re: Rapid shot

lol i spose i can sort of c the logic behind that.
however what are the odds if getting +10 9 8 and 7. im in crom and have only seen 2 +10 rings meditate and ward of magic :x
i know this is just thoeretical but thought i should point out the flaws :)

Re: dps druid

although i was not dps druid for long this is what i had maxed vines maxed touch maxed lightning or storm touch (depending on if u have enough regen or not) and maxed shield of bark because druids are useless when it comes to armour as i said i did not have much experience in dps druid build but thi...

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