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Re: Bujet Mage leveling build

Aside from E shield, is everyone referring to an actual shield ? If so what / where is it There are various luxury shields that any class can equip. Some mages prefer to use a luxury shield instead of a focus boosting offhand, trading the damage/energy boost for the better survivability that comes ...

Re: Love CH!

Mind wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:
Mind wrote:*duck* :POP:


was hoping for some sort of "DUCK? where???"

Behind you...no turn the other way..welp, now you are enduckened
We may also get in trouble for our barely readable posts

Re: What happens to CH when...

I think when Warhammer Odyssey comes out people will start to play old school RuneScape mobile instead of supporting a company that is a failure. at least RuneScape updates their games on a regular basis whereas Celtic heroes is not. They have no passion and what they make and they are just going t...

Re: Where to get mounts ?

When I say "mount" I mean the one which I can ride instead of walking during questing. Is that called battle mount or novelty mount ? You can ride both battle mounts and novelty mounts. The difference is that novelty mounts cannot be upgraded, and replace your weapon while you use them - ...

Re: What happens to CH when...

Guess I’m in the minority who won’t even consider touching Warhammer. I don’t see a reason to trust that the devs will run it any better than CH has been run. There are several fixable problems with CH that go ignored (and have since before we knew of WH development), and server issues continue to ...

Re: Ever frost chest

Kingxxdps wrote:Ahh ok but I’ve open like 300-400 of those to

All I can really tell ya is that they are extremely rare, similar to the various premium pets (though I don't know if they are all the same rarities, or if some are more common than others). RNG can suck at times.

Re: Ever frost chest

Wow u guys are bussing heads on these chest ive been trying to get a steed mount for the longest I’ve open more than 2000 chest in epona and never got 1 dark essence I won’t be buying anymore chest that’s ridiculous what the point just a bunch of idols and hp lixes tf Dark essences are not in the e...

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