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Re: Ranger obsidian armour

Deiz wrote:where do u git da obsidian armor?

Same place, you receive the obsidian armor quest for the piece after completing the onyx quest for same piece. For example when you receive onyx gloves, you can start the quest for obsdian gloves.

Re: 2200 damage / 4000k attack

Something else I have noticed as well is has anyone noticed an increase in the amount of agro that bolas, light heal and even rapid seems to create?i can be right in the middle of the mob only auto attacking and cast a heal and peel so ill stop attacking completely heal again when it repops up agai...

Re: Ranger obsidian armour

I've gotten onyx and obsidian boots and gloves, i can't post pics but here are the stats for obsidian. Obsidian Vambraces: NO TRADE Armour: 27 Weight: 4 Resist Heat: 28 Resist Cold: 28 Resist Magic: 28 Attack: 32 Health: 40 Obsidian Treads: NO TRADE Armour: 40 Weight: 8 Resist Heat: 43 Resist Cold: ...

Onyx armor stats

Hey all, i was just kinda curious about ranger onyx/obsidian, ive seen pics of rogue onyx and saw that it gives a certain amount of poison dmg, does ranger armor have dmg too?

Re: Sulis :D

I haven't decided between Mage, Rogue, or Druid, maybe the people who reply to this can decide for me :p Well, atm we have lowest amount of high lvled druids, as they are kinda tough to lvl if you dont know how, and their damage isnt as good as some, making many people go the warrior/rogue route. W...

Re: sup sulis

hey guys i might join sulis! i may make a rogue here and so i have few questions: how much super know/super combo?? how much per idols/pot? nice ppplee? high lvls? best clan and the lvl req? ty might join! Superknow/supercombo- 4k/8k Idols/restorations- 200/200 Nice ppl- lots of em High lvls- lots ...

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