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Re: Next Dragon Event

Totally agree with having an Undead event as it will incorporate the other Raid bosses, Hrung and Necromancer, since the other Raid Bosses, Aggy and Mord, already had their turn in the spotlight. PS: Rocks are totally considered Undead right? So maybe some Monoliths spawning near them could be fun :b

Re: Dragon Count in Each Pit

https://s8.postimg.cc/dbiv0d685/66891367-7_F2_D-4_C3_E-_A274-1_DFB3_F2_CD31_F.png I love it lol. Saw the invisible drake too, would be super cool if you guys could update his textures or whatever needs fixing with him. Do you know which one it was? That said I kinda like the idea of an invisible dr...

Re: Dragon Count in Each Pit

I might be only speaking for myself, but I actually really enjoy the chaos and randomness of the event. It breaks the cycle of the same rinse-and-repeat bossing that we normally have. I probably would’ve been A-okay with having the spawns be 12 hours long rather than 6 hours, since it requires much ...

Re: Dragon Event

Heroes! The dragons are gathering! On 03/08/18 at 15:00 (GMT +7) until 06/08/18 at 15:00 (GMT +7), inside Mordris' Lair at Carrowmore Tunnel and Aggragoth's Lair in the Otherworld, random dragon bosses will be spawning together. All their spawns will be set to 6 hours! So for the Dragon Event, curre...

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