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PvP Upgrades?

PvP is probably one of the most exciting and fun aspects of the game and I believe that it should be expanded. My suggestions would be to expand the arena itself, maybe adding a map where you have to destroy each other's bases. Duels with bets could be cool and matches against other players like a l...

Re: Account issues

Do you remember the username? It is going to be hard to prove to support that its your account without the username or pass. PM Muldar from this forum about this in more detail. He is game guide and knows what to do

Re: Fill me up

I dont think nuada is the best server to xfer to. Nuada has no old drops and most items will cost you a lot of gold. Since nuada became popular being the new server it is going to be difficult finding a good xfer. Nuada is really about how much money you can spend on the game (my view). I have tried...

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