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Re: Name for a male mage

:D ...I may have put too much thought into this:

Arnold Ziffle,
Rhett MeGo,
Tads Dawaytugo,
Flamin' Dutchman,
Quality Control,
Ferd Flintstein,

Re: OK, we have cooking now...

Could we make existing fires cook things too? (ex: campfires in shalemont, fingals, carrow, in OW by frozen quests, etc.) This would be as much a fun game-mechanic as a convenience. ( :) would give people something to do between frozen timers as the tower ley is already an unofficial congregating po...

Re: Tadaaah You are our HOPE :))

Love the fact that OTM basically has two community managers!! And one of them can assist when Glasgow people are sleep!! Just wanted to get this cleared.. so do you guys have 2 developers team. One in Thailand and other In Glasgow? If so.. how do you guys are able to focus on the same goal while be...

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