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Re: Love CH!

CeresI wrote:Funny how I post that I love the game and everyone comes out all "this game sucks blah blah"
But those people are still playing, lol ;^)

It's good to see people are so passionate about this game, right? :)

Re: Love CH!

was hoping for some sort of "DUCK? where???" Behind you...no turn the other way..welp, now you are enduckened We may also get in trouble for our barely readable posts Oh, sorry, Mind... the popcorn distracted me. I like using it to feed the ducks. What posts? Gotcha, popcorn is great for ...

Re: "Very Short"

Robert wrote:Very Short: < 1 Hour
Short: 1-12 hours
Medium :12-24 hours
Long: 24-48 hours

Pretty sure this is correct.

I think very short is 2 hrs or less, but rest look good (adjusting short that it)

Re: Hello world

Welcome to the game and the forums :) Search around for helpful info and feel free to ask questions about anything. (also be aware of the timestamp on topics; an answer may no longer be true if the advice is from long ago ;) ).

Re: Anyone know....

Shame itemfinder got banned he could of answered this. He has a database itemfinder doesn't even play the game, only runs a band doesn't know anything about the game or its mechanics, he never reached endgame, he begs for gold and got nothing valuable and no gear nor fash, and he don't know prices ...

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