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Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

The rules aren't that strict, it isn't like unless you have top tier bt/gele/prot gear you can't roll. Just put on some half decent mid tier event gear and you can roll at any boss including dino. For less than 2 mill you could fully equip a level 220 with a jewellery page that can roll at bt. ^ 2m...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

What kind of market does Epona have? Capitalist! So what if a toon wins a drop they don’t ‘need’? EG toons or qualified toons win drops and sell them, can you guess why? To earn gold. What does that gold do for them? Buy them better gear/items/lixes. What does that sold gear do for the lower level ...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

Wow. What a catch 22. You can't roll because your gear sucks. You can't get better gear because you're not allowed to roll because your gear sucks. You're reduced to just buying what you can off the AH. This game is supposed to be about killing bosses to improve your gear, not buying better gear so ...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Could we please have any new fashion coming be available at the token vendor? You keep adding it to chests. I get tons of fashion tokens in my chests but no new fashion available at the token vendor. If you're not going to utilize the token vendor anymore, stop giving me fashion tokens. :evil:

Re: Pay to Win

I do wish it was a little more pay to win though, its bloody annoyin that i can drop some money on this game but then someone comes along not spending any money but their more powerful or further along. Could not disagree with this more. I hate games that allow money spenders to shoot straight to t...

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