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Re: Rusty Lockbox

Wow. If you could get 330 plat I would do nothing but fish all day.

I fish quite a bit but have not gotten any plat yet. I've heard of people getting 3 plat, 5 plat...

The best I've gotten is probably 1000 gold. Still haven't gotten any mount or pet tokens either.

Re: Double death penalty

I don't use the whistles. I just pay the 100 gold. Yes that means I have to finish the rest of the battle without my mount, but that just makes me work harder to not die. And if I'm headed to a fight I think I might not win, I dismount before I get there so I can save that 100 gold (and that walk of...

Re: 12 Days Of Yule!

Wow. Some people just aren't happy unless they have something to complain about. Thank you OTM for giving us any kind of gift. Out of all the companies I give my money to month after month, you're the only one that thought enough about your customers to give a little something back. Merry Christmas!

Re: Fishing

I thought that the update was supposed to bring increased drop rates/better items in lockboxes. Did I just imagine that I read that somewhere? I usually get lots of lockboxes but after fishing for a couple hours yesterday I only got 3. And each one had the same old stuff in them. Anyone else notice ...

Re: All servers down?

Naruto2 wrote:Finally get a chance to play after a long day at work and this happens :/. Damn it !! Wake up muldar :) lol.

Guess have to watch the walking dead. Better be good:)

Let's hope it's back up by time walking dead is over :)

Re: Servers

NOOOOO! Hope it gets fixed soon. And of course I crashed in a room surrounded by high level mobs so no doubt I'll be murdered upon logging in.

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