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Re: Xp curve

Very well said Nylak.

The grind to level does suck at times but, like you said, there is always something to do. And as much as I may *** and moan about it, I must love doing it since I keep creating more alts.

Re: Swastika

How did you come to notice that? I stood there in front of the thing messing with my graphics and everything...can't see it at all. LOL

Re: Server Boss Timers

My first reaction to this thread was complete and utter panic. Then I stopped and thought about it for a minute. I am one of those that does need to camp bosses to get timers for the rest of our clan. And we are still doing Frozen bosses, so the largest wait there is just 3 hours and I'm sure doesn'...

Re: Companion App

I would love to be able to easily export the inventory from our clan bank to be uploaded to our website. Right now we are manually entering that info in there so all clannies can see what's available. So to be able to automate this process as other games have done (WoW) would be a HUGE relief to the...

Re: Cruel Knife

My baby alt just got a cruel knife from one of the Crookback mobs yesterday. Definitely a knife, not a dagger. I guess the best thing about it is the attack speed?

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