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Re: Muldar

OTM/Muldar It is time for LV to go. I know that everyone on the Fingal server would vote for him to go. I've heard he's caused issues on other servers as well. He not only scams people out of their things but also rubs their faces in it after. Just yesterday, I saw that he scammed a bracelet off ano...

Re: Game Dying?

That's only because the auction house is new and people wanna try it out. It's just a better way to buy/sell, nothing more. What really gets people coming back is content like fishing, which is why I think crafting should be the next "game changing" thing to happen now that we got the AH....

Re: Auction house

My opinion-> Sellers shouldn't be able to cancel an auction if there is a bid on it or give seller 10-30 mins to cancel their auction only after their posting Thx. Can they do that? Haven't seen it happen yet. But I certainly agree. If you don't like the highest bid and your auction's about to end,...

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