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Re: Pegasus

Fun for you because it’s the same as the dom Alliance days but now Pegasus members are on the inside looking out, so everything is ok now. Funny how hypocrisy works. I remember when Perk won a void focus helm from Mord only to have Alliance day, ya, no. We are dom now and keeping the drops. He was ...

Re: Nuada Downs Gelebron!

Grats on the kill!

Time to complain again, so apologies behorehand: drop rates of crap drops need to be lowered or they need to be removed completely. No one is waiting on light heal and giant swing rings and im probably missing a few other useless items.

Re: Gelebron Wand?

Im using a Void blast wand with a Godly hoarfrost charm, Godly mord blast brace and Godly necro blast brace. I can’t complain, I love it.

Re: Which servers have BT helms

4 kills on belenus and no helms. 5 recast rings which are ice blast, lightheal, lifesteal, double shot, and energy boost (all royal). 4 charms which are longshot, quickstrike, and two shadowstrike charms (one is imperial)... rest are royal ammys which we have 7 of, and out of those 7 only one is ca...

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