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Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

Hey man i xfered to lugh after hearing about this new dice system thats dicing off seeds and pures, till i came and found out that it was a dom server with garbg clans dicing off hrung gear, im now left off with 2 million gold, 80% mount, just doing nothing on lugh, nearky impossible to xfer back U...

Re: Mord helm/DG aura

Yep lets move onto an almost non existent new helm and away from all the old stuff most are still trying to get a decent one of . The fact that BT helms are almost non-existent is a whole different discussion. I do agree that the drop rates are abnormal. The point is that people who are capable of ...

Re: Death of the Event Chests

I bought 80 chests this mini event and ended up opening 127 chests in total due to the plat I won. I was in shock seeing Aeon and Demonheart fashion in it. Why are those still in these chests? Aeon shouldve stayed in the Aeon chests and be removed a long time ago, and Demonheart shouldve become Aeon...

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