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Re: Permanent xp increase to help attract new players?

Wut ._. It took me like 3 weeks from 1-220... and this was lvling with krums and he would never be on when i wanted to Lix :cry: I just don’t see a need for this You’re also a veteran player who most likely knows all of the tricks to leveling with a large abundance of resources and gear... stuff ne...

Re: New item drop locations

Specifically the magic lure one unless they added one in the time I took a break from the game, there isn't one. If you want a magic lure ring you gotta get an aggy one or from frozen bosses. There aren't any new rings that give skill points to lure of magic, but I believe ImStoned is talking about...

Re: Cattacomb Charm Fashion

honestly I find fixing the fash issues very easy... This is a summary of an argument I made when fashion tokens first came out, updated for where we currently are 1) Bring back fashion and charm tokens as main fash delivery device 2) Make fashion and charms in shop cycle out. Ideally I would say a f...

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