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Re: Need help

So, I got a problem. It's been 3 years now since I left the game. Recently I have been trying to get my account back since I gave it away on the day I quit. Problem is that I need help getting it back. TheKestrell adviced me to get in contact with Muldar or Morgana but since I just recently joined ...

Re: Any spoilers about new mounts?

Alexxia wrote:
bob the mage wrote:
GhostlyBlaze15 wrote:Forget the mounts, I'm excited for the Auction House :)

boooring. I hate selling stuff...

Aka you hate making money?!!!!!!
Aka you hate being able to buy whatever you want whenever you want?!!!!


Im a hoarder lol, when I sell stuff it shocks people.
I farm a lot tho.

Re: What grim is best?

I've been looking at the 3 different runic grims for a while trying to decide which is best, I am a slightly tanky mage and am thinking of getting Runic Knowledge Grimior but I'm torn between that and the Runic Grimior of wisdom. Which is best? And is the extra focus better than the 200 armor and 1...

Re: On Aggression of Monsters

I maybe wouldn't admit logging your brothers account on here. Its no prb if he lets me play on his device. As to the rest: Thanks, i'll try to get a calm ring somewhere. I believe i have the skill :) May not be a problem between the two of you but other parties are involved in the game. Be careful

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