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Re: Wiz

Lidon wrote:Hey wiz. Hope family life has been good.

Hello! Family life is great! The little guy is growing , he is 10 months already , my wife vlogs a bit https://youtu.be/-CR2Guy1isE

Really miss you guys!!!


long live the Onion!

so did Android and iPhone merged?

Re: old players

Dragonfruit wrote:Mad onion are u ever comming back?

Unfortunately don't have time , remodeling my second house and I got a new born almost 3 months old! :D I still read forums and talk to friends that still play.

Re: Want to say hi

Sometimes I wonder , who will be next that fell off the world ,just went poof gone and someday returns

Waiting on Nasim and Brookie!!! :twisted:

Welcome back!!! Have fun man!!
Happy New Years!!!!

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