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Re: Is Arawn a good server?

Ive played on this server along time, actually only server i have ever played on, if you are coming to arawn i would recommend blaze as they are friendly and helpfull, and wont take 3 years experience on the server to be allowed a boss drop.
Cya around!

Re: really fun in arawn now

True pickle wrote:Tbh I think a bit of competition is amazing. I remeber when I used to play arawn USKOCI vs Badabing it was amazing. Best time ever! The best part about it was how the clans would still collaborate to kill aggy etc in v3
Good memories:)

+1 best time eva

Re: Resurgence & Blaze

Like nueee said before, i dont think anyone really hates anyone its just a bit of rivalry over bosses, at the end of the day we are all playing for fun or to keep up the addiction. its just a bit of banter


Hey everyone, i would just like to point out that i dont dislike anyone on this server, nor will i ever, i must admit i was extremely addicted to this game and was heartbroken when removed from a certain clan, but all in all its only a game and we are all just playing to have fun and enjoy ourselves...

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