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Re: Lets talk about the Dino raid

A 30-45 min raid that rewards 3 drops (mostly majestic) is pathetic. Totally not worth the entire amount of time put into the raid. It should drop 5 items imo and yeah it needs heavy nerfs cuz quite frankly I don’t wanna spend every Sunday doing this for over an hour with prep time and everything T...

Herne kills dino

I came at 55% but we killed it._. Not exactly sure how long it took but assume 30+ mins. Drops were ranger ammy, quick strike brac, and mage ammy. Should drop 4 tbh._.

Pic of drops(I’ll try to get pic of stats later but u can prolly find em ._.)

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Yeah I figured Morri was involved, since I’m sure they’ve been consistently killing the thing I believe. Idk they’ve been really quiet about it for some reason. Also home of the BT root exploit. It’s not as easy of a strategy as u take it to be. We’ve been practicing on herne ever since release now...

Re: Nuada downs dino

With the gear we had it's fine, to beat rage you need dg sets. Beating the raid is more about coordination than gear. Beating rage needs coordination + gear. The fastest it’s been killed is around 35 mins even with multiple dg sets available. Our clan gets it to 60% usually within 10 mins into the ...

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