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Re: Barbered Shot

It’s still a bad skill.-. Only reason I can see people even want to use it now is because of the new dino brac that boosts the initial damage of barbed shot. Even with that brac though the skill still sucks since the DoT is so bad. Not sure why people would use it tbh

Re: Point system

If u take screenshots of clan page instead of area it comes in alphabetical order, might be easier to add dkp if u don’t do this already. Ofc it doesn’t get rid of all the work but makes it easier when u can move down a list in alphabetical order

Re: No love for rogues?

Epona has killed dino about 5 times now? Someone can correct me. We have received a grand total of 0 rogue drops. S*** RNG or does VR discriminate against us rogues? xD Rogues have been treated pretty badly since tower came out lol, they were gods in carrow. Rangers are dominant in almost all aspec...

Re: The Dino raid.

Looking at the raid as a whole I think the main problem doesn’t lie in the teleporting but the effect negative energy. It simply opens the doors to too much griefing and various other problems like getting hit by an orb in the middle of casting a skill. I like the idea of having it being very punis...

Re: The Dino raid.

Also @zkills why is it that every dino thread we make stating the obvious glitches bugs/ fixes that need to be made u come and argue with everyone :lol: the boss is balanced to a point but there’s still many aspects of it that are quite literally broken and there’s no denying that. Please just stop ...

Re: The Dino raid.

You cant listen to what zkills is saying, he cant even lix to 220 and experience the live raid. How much more farm BT gele for godly void items and get DG sets, he made it sound like its too easy to farm them and be ready for a tough raid on dhino. For an open server like epona, it Will take US 10 ...

Re: The Dino raid.

I believe( at least based on our attempts) that for the most part the raid is balanced in terms of orb spawns and bashing. There are many bugs/glitches that need to be worked on including Teleportation and Targeting. The orbs aren’t really hard to avoid once you’ve figured out their patterns. The th...

Re: The Dino raid.

2- you totally missunderstand the point being made. Most servers struggle with slash nukes because that relies almost solely on dps gele axe warriors. Unless that war also runs taunt they will regularly be tp because of low agro meaning slash nukes will consistantly explode possibly ending the raid...

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