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Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

They haven’t left us completely in the dark. Here’s what we know: VR is now developing a new game, warhammer, and so they’re putting their main focus on that so they can release it early next year. VR still has a team dedicated on Celtic Heroes, and we will be seeing a quality of life update which ...

Re: What company owns Celtic Heroes now? What country is the company in?

Shrinking on what they said, I still have to use two thumbs, why haven't they given the option to make the UI match the publisher name? lol, only partially joking here; I was expecting it to be an option when I first started playing, just from the naivety of noobness upon seeing the name, but I thi...

Re: Looking for someone

Yes he has but I forgot my login details for my account and he would know it, i tried to email him but it must be his old email address. You'd probably have better luck contacting Support for your account details, rather than an old friend who you shared the account with. If you can remember any de...

Re: Main Quest Stuck

It was in Cathal the Ranger's store at some point (it was stored that way in the database), but obviously has since been removed from the store - I just checked. Like Legolas said, my best suggestion is to check your quest log and see what you skipped. You should have it if you completed the storyli...

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

You had an extremely good point about the Phoenix. I remember while while back OTM removed shrink and growth charms // ghost charms and crookback charms because they were childish and didn’t fit where the game was heading and then we get this extremely bright very cartoonish looking pets and mounts...

Re: What are your hobbies?

Angmar Reid wrote:
Zkills wrote:Idk about piano music, but Two Steps From Hell has some pretty good instrumental music.

:o I love TSFH! I listen to their music all the time.

Just started listening to them - wow, they are great! Thanks for my new office playlist :D

Re: What company owns Celtic Heroes now? What country is the company in?

Virtual Realms is the current development studio behind Celtic Heroes. They are based in Bangkok, Thailand. From what I've heard, the main guy behind Celtic Heroes (Richard) is with VR, so it was more of a complete overhaul of the development team rather than selling the game off.

Re: Is it a BUG?

I think one of my characters is up to like 6-7 active bounties that are ready to be submitted, but can't be. Bit of a weird bug, but I'm a collector :P

Also have several quests from past collecting events that will never be able to be completed lol.

Re: What are your hobbies?

I really want to go to Israel at some point, or at least that general area - Greece and Rome are also high on my wish list. I love ancient history, and being able to see such famous and ancient places like Jerusalem, the Colosseum, the Parthenon, various temples, etc would all be absolutely amazing.

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