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Who has the audacity to post a topic called HAH in an entire class thread. I find this highly offensive andeven uncalled for. It is basically a laugh in the face of all mages and it is not showing good sportsmanship and will not encourage a friebdly enviroment of gaming. Please do something about th...


OK. I am tired of this bull crap. Dev team, why do you take one good thing in the game you made and screw it up? Maybe you should look at this situation differently. Mages were not overpowered by any means. They were the only class that was able to actually train on things their level without full L...

Re: Mages sheild

When it comes to PvP I believe that pre update there was no OP class. Granted it seemed that at times it was harder to beat mages or whatever but it was possible. I am a ramger and If I wanted to PvP anyone all I had to do was give myself a buttload of vitality and use entangle. If you complain abou...

Re: I told you so!

I would look at this differently. Mages are not OP, however the are right where they should be in comparison to the mobs that OTM makes us train on. Other classes are weak and hardly have a chance of doing a significant amount of damage alone in order to level solo. Mages are the only class that can...

Re: Still 10 exilars per level?

I completely agree with donko. This may just drive me to a quitting point. To get to level 180 i will have to gain 29 levels. Each level takin 10 lix which is 2.5 hours. Plus i grind 4hours+ for the 50k to buy the lix from people that sell plat. So for one level i have to dedicate 6.5hours and to le...

Re: The Dex Ranger

There is no need to completely neglect strength as it is still vital for autos. If you were all skills and only hit 80 autos it would be worthless.
My stats are as follows
Str: 250(325)
Dex: 325(475)
So I do lean higher dex but I do have a sustainable amount of strength.

The Dex Ranger

Hey all, I am level 150 ranger of Mabon (if it doesn't say that below then I dont know what I did wrong), and I want to let others know that in the last update I was a strength build ranger and like most of you only used rapid, steady, bolas, and light heal. However, I have been messing around with ...

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