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How to: Dhiothu, August 2020

Hi All, With the Dhiothu event coming up, I figured I’d take the time to write up our Dhiothu strategy for the servers that struggle. For some background, pre-patch on the Root Strategy we had a record kill time of about 9:30, we’ve never relied on a strategy that requires more than 27 toons, and we...

Re: Account Banned

Difinitus wrote:Hello,

Unfortunately our Support Team does not monitor the forums. Please submit a ticket in-game and the team will assist you as soon as possible. Response times may be delayed due to the unprecedented situation with COVID-19.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.

Re: Decreasing XP bonus Events

...I think I have a decent answer for this one. (pinch o salt in hand as always) 2X xp was the first of it's kind and was such a sensation that you couldn't enter carrow from the lag, combine that with the rampant accusations of KS and the devs got the impression that double XP might be a bit TOO m...

Re: Petition for Dino drops to be mailed to clans that lost Dino due to poor reset notife

Can you find an example of OTM/VR giving out drops from a boss that didn't die? Maybe I don't pay enough attention but I don't recall it happening. If you can find a post of it happening before you might have a better case. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific instance in mind, more so I came to t...

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