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Maintenance End


The Celtic Heroes servers are now open. Thank you so much for your patience!

Since there may be a lot of traffic at the moment while everyone is trying to log in the game at the same time, some of you may experience loading delays.

3 Events in 1 End

Heroes! The Celtic Heroes Servers will go down for maintenance today, August 8 at 10 AM CET (GMT+2) for approximately 1 hour until 11 AM CET (GMT+2). Today marks the end of the 3 Events in 1. Meaning that legacy bosses will return to their regular spawn rate and the EXP, Gold Gains while in a party ...

Re: 3 Events in 1

The servers are now up! Thank you for your patience!

In addition to the the usual end game bosses, legacy bosses are now also within the Celtic World and will appear more often. Bear in mind that it's not certain that they will spawn with the start of the servers.

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