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Re: What Have U Done DECA?

A game, I’ve been playing a lot, has just closed. Around 50 people, that I know in the game, are looking for a new game to play. It’s not just this login problem, but the problems over the last two weeks, the lack of response from Deca and the attitude we get when Deca make mistakes and ban someone ...

Re: Acc suspended

It seems anyone can report someone, with no evidence, all yyou need is patience to camp, then you'll get banned. Makes u wonder why anyone bothers to put any effort into CH. camp to get ursa bracers and you're banned!

Acc suspended

I've had my acc suspended. The pop up said it was for botting
I have never run a bot nor scammed nor cheated another player.
I thought admin sent a msg asking if we're attending our account before suspending us?
How do I get it back pls? This was a mistake

Re: !! This is enough!!

I clicked on the Celtic Heroes section on the discord group and got some fool talking about paedofiles and another saying he won't give him a timeout yet as he wants to see where it goes!... Seriously?!?!

Click the game announcement section ONLY if you must go there


Was there a restart today? I didn't see any notice or am I going blind? I just asked around and ,yet again, I was sitting here waiting for the servers to come up when you had shut the servers down Thanks a bunch for letting us know This lag is terrible anyway so I don't know why I'm bothering Or are...

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