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Re: Aint got nothing

Lol. So much emotion was put into this. You are a funny guy Coman Thank you Good Sir. Somewhat sarcastic, but you probably didnt see it that way. However I respect you and the way you play the game, perhaps not the greatest Warrior on Arawn by any style a warrior can take on, but a darn good role m...

Re: The Old Stonevale. It's like a Phantom limb after amputa

It's probably fair to assume that most of the players who played a significant amount of time there before ow came out are going to miss it or prefer it as there is a lot of nostalgia and memories. And tbh this game in general was more fun in its earlier stages as you didn't have to worry about buyi...

Re: Proteus testrun on DONN

This is so funny, your ward handling is pathetic, and you are autoing it while the wards are up :roll: what a constructive, nice post.... It's called constructive criticism.. And it seems to of been more use than your extremely detailed and helpful/offtopic jab at me. Good day :) No you didn't give...

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