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Re: Lvl 185 lock rogue help

I prefer dex with str from gear. The reason I prefer dex when using a lock rogue like that is you can maximize your 'attack' so you are going to have a higher hit chance. Which is very important especially on the first couple of hits because on a lot of mobs those hits account for who's going to get...

YouTube Thread

What kind of content would the endgame characters be interested in seeing? I know the new guys wants guides and builds, they want to know how to make gold. What is an endgame character interested in? Merching videos like furyion? Item reviews? Boss strategy? Give me some suggestions if possible on w...

Transfer from fingal

Looking to transfer 500k-5m from Server Fingal to Epona.
Contact me here, or in game mail on fingal to BoxTheGod

I'd be willing to even transfer a lower amount, 100k to start. I really want to give epona a shot! Get ahold of me :)

Box Introduction 2020

Hello! My name is Box. I have been playing Celtic Heroes for a long time now and I am absolutely addicted, I keep coming back! I have restarted my YouTube channel and I am going to be doing tips, tricks, builds and guides as well as other things! I want to give back to the community that I've learne...

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