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Looking for a plat buyer

Over the years I've saved around 13-14mil gold on Donn and like 4-5 mil worth of items.
I'm looking for a plat buyer willing to buy chests on a server I'll choose, for 13mil gold on Donn(65k each).
Will use a trustworthy Middle Man.
Pm me for details.

Re: Fix ASAP

The game revolves around PvP? Sounds like fun actually.. I’ve been wanting a good MMORPG with good large scale PvP on mobile... something that can give the same feel as Elder Scrolls Online PvP which is super large scale and awesome, but I have it on Xbox One which I rarely have time for now days. ...

Re: Fix ASAP

How can you even think that making a world boss in a laggy pvp area(without testing before) was a good idea? I mean, you seem to know a lot about this game and yet you still say non-sense. I saw you in arena looking for easy points. And of course you would say that, because you aren't high enough to...

Re: Witch Dead

It Would be best to make a" lock" for each server that allows, one group from each serv to lock.Which means that groups from the same server compete for their servers' lock. It would be like this for exemple: Morrigan: group 8 locked Mabon: group 16 locked Etc... Which means that only 19 g...

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