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Re: A rule suggestion:

I understand, but I am pretty sure that players, or at least some of them, would just keep the drop for themselves even if they are of a different class. Don't want to be stubborn or pushy, but I still consider rolling to be the most accurate way about it, thus fairest. It really hurts badly when yo...

A rule suggestion:

Hi, please consider this one, since I personally see it as a hole in Epona's amazing rules. Thank you. If players are able to class roll for useful raid drops, why there is no class roll for useful legacy drops? To me that is illogical, because some of those legacy drops are at least equally useful ...

State of Fingal - How is it now?

Hi all, I am considering to play this game once again here at Fingal, where I strived during 2014/2015. Are there any active players from that era that can answer some of my questions? Let's start: 1) Are people still buying event chests and selling them for gold? If so, how often and in what quanti...

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