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Re: Apostate Spawn Location

Theres an page about these items, hope this helps. https://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=99068&hilit=new+items+location I've seen this page but it's inaccurate unfortunately. I'm looking for someone to specifically confirm this spawn location at the two mage corner, as well as...

Re: buy golden camoflarge charm or xp pendant 500 chest

This is from and endgame aspect. When we have doch gul our resistance is heavily reduced and when we least expect it: If gelebron spawns If an imperial spawns We dont have the time to dodge every mob, getting there and setting up fast is a must therefore camo charm has its fair use and is far from ...

Re: How do you describe Celtic Heroes to others in real life?

A game that will suck away your life tell all your friends leave you and make you question life itself like why is the sky blue? why do birds fly? why didn't dif add that bounty event yet? why are my pants always down?
By the time you come out of your room, your own mother won't recognize you.

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