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Re: Top Dps from each server

Well, seems me now is top dps warrior on Taranis. Pro tip: make other warriors to drop game or go tank, and buy their gear. Also use exquisite bara when playing with Wolf Mother

Edit: just found out, one of our tanks moved back to dps, and no way i could beat his void lunar axe and almost full dg

Re: New CG Offhand

StormStikerZX wrote:How come? I have minimal hotswap on my warrior but I can still do gele ring for Rupture and Pummel. I also think shatter is a better skill at raids cause typically there is no Giants Lure.

Now imagine you need to hotswap rupture ring and pummel ring AND necro recast bracelet. Too messy

Need an eg rings advice

Currently rings I'm using are: bt imp axe, bt imp pummel recast, godly Hrung's magic dmg, and in hotswap slot it's usually divine dmg or necro maj axe. Now I got offer to trade bt imp pummel recast for royal bt axe ring. Would it be dps wisely? Also i have maj Havoc bracelet, so it gives me 4600 axe...

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