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Re: Build Help

1. Drop bear for horse. 2. Max your skills. Take some points from frenzy to max pummel and rupture, try to find + str + skill bracelet. 3. In future, like 200+, drop elem dmg and haste rings for +sp + skill dmg rings, add Giant Swing and Sweeping Blow. For maximal dps you shouldn't do any autoattack...

Re: Is it possible to become a mix of a tank and a dps worrier?

No. Speaking of low/mid lvls: 1. You have enough skillpoints to max 5 skills, 6 with gear. So you go tanking with Protective Stance, Defensive Formation, Enduring Guard and Bandage Wounds, and your dps would be Pummel and, say, Shield Bash (to give you chance to cast your Bandage Wounds) - other wor...

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