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Re: Thanks for the event!

To be fair though, you can't really compare the two. OTM's job was to improve and develop Celtic Heroes. And Virtual Realms was just stuck with the job of maintaining and supporting it when OTM was shut down. It wasn't so much a transfer - I'm pretty sure that VR did not necessarily want to take ov...

Re: Unable to Log In via Facebook

Hello, Facebook notified us of an issue with their service platform that affected numerous games and apps that used Facebook Login. There was nothing that we could do on our end, but it does appear that the issue has been resolved by Facebook and players are able to login normally again. We apologiz...

Return of Bloodthorn Bash!

Hello Heroes! The Bloodthorn Bash event is returning this weekend! Whether you will be gearing up yourself, your friends, or just like killing weeds - Bloodthorn will have an increased spawn rate of 12 hours for 7 days. This event only increases the rate at which Bloodthorn the Ravenous appears on e...

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