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Re: Danu use Band?

is line and iPhone app? Is Line an iPhone app? Yes, and it can also be used for Android, I believe. okay is there anyway i can get an invite Unfortunately I’m not very equipped with Line. But from what I understand after you download it you give someone your ID and they can look you up and invite y...

Re: What are your best punny moments?

Oh goodness I wish I could remember some good ones, this thread is meant for me (king of dad jokes and puns right here), but for the life of me I can't think of any of my good ones. It's like Eragon said; it's all about the moment, I won't be able to remember the context now and even if I could, it...

Re: What are your best punny moments?

Not as burned as those folks in the arena ;) (pun intended) I don’t really do puns, but when I do they’re spicy (pun intended). I love being a mage Hehe, yeah I see what you did there. ;) I have a good habit of making bad puns (and vice versa), however they are all spur of the moment as conversatio...

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