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Out of the way

During this extensive down time, I have had time to perfect my casts, line and hooks have been re-tied and are ready to roll, my polarized sunglasses have been equipped, I can see the fish now better than ever before. Y'all sleepin on me. Sometimes you gotta take advantage of the time given, I'm get...

Dear Santa

Please fix the lag and allow swaps to be smooth again, many people on my server cannot use swaps effectively because the lag is horrendous. Started noticing it this past week, last night could hardly swap in summoning chambers at all.

Sincerely ~ Dps toons

Re: Against the dominance

You know, I never came to the forum to complain about things. I simply responded to the OP and have been trying to defend myself ever since. I never called out a single person, clan, or server by name. You keep attacking me because, I can only guess, you know I'm right and you have a bit of guilt t...

Re: Against the dominance

Why do people from dom clans keep saying things like "do you want us to just stop bossing?" That's ridiculous and is not what people are saying. I was in the dom clan on my server and was in chat to see them say things like "Reset...server back up. Let's go get Aggy and Hrung because...

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