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New Band: Arawn Market + Chat

Posting an invite to the new Arawn Band, Arawn Market + Chat! Arawn Market + Chat is a friendly Arawn band for people of Arawn and all servers to chat, trade, buy/sell, xfer, etc! https://i.postimg.cc/j5N1BKqq/C634651-F-140-D-4041-BB37-A55841839892.jpg Insults and drama will not be tolerated and wil...

Re: Double plat

Difinitus wrote:We typically have Double Platinum sales during big celebrations like our Anniversary and Christmas. We'll post any new sales coming soon here on the Forums Announcements section, and on social media. :)

( Celtic Heores Anniversary typically occurs in June)

Re: A Beast Awakens

It looks like this topic got derailed, choo choo :(. Please do not discuss information regarding the beta or share that you have information about the beta when you are not suppose to! What are you hoping to see most with the new boss? It would be cool to see the new boss drop diverse viable sets o...

Re: New item drop locations

One of our clannies got a nirvana weapon from a 5*s guard in Forbidden halls (not from Unox adds) https://i.postimg.cc/KjW48H6B/66-F110-DE-B8-F8-4428-9-B6-C-2-B00-D93-E9132.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/vB3cpBXP/9-F511-D6-D-C497-43-EF-B92-C-FEC0-EAEAE494.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/zvvV5rcq/BA6-CB3-BC-BCB3-...

Re: 225+ mobs?

The original intention for Bloodthorn Helms were 225 (which of course is a bad idea because there were no mobs at lvl 225)

Nonetheless, if the developers actually “added” mobs at 225 to lix on and then have gear requirements at 225...

225+ mobs?

Just making a post here the “what-if” scenario that the developers have mobs going up to lvl 225+ in the new area and the new boss would be 225+. (Along with 225+ bounties) It would definitely have a rejuvenation of members as everyone would rush to the new area to start lixing to get to 225, buying...

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