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Re: The solo guide that no one needed

I totally didn't use any at all lol, wanted to keep skills to min to watch for passerbys and body slams. Snorri is definitely doable, yet impossible to catch alone in a populated server like Taranis. In fact Snorri would be easier as he only have one stun attack while Sreng has a additional random &...

The solo guide that no one needed

Making this video guide has brought back good memories of this game, which is the intention of its making. I know that most people here have semi even log on these days, and hope this guide evokes nostalgia for you. https://ryanlearnstoblock.home.blog/2021/05/20/you-are-not-alone-how-to-solo-sreng/

Re: Small Study: Raw Damage vs. Actual Damage at Constant Resists in PvE

Robert wrote:
ryandragon wrote:Do you have any tested resistances data from bosses?

Yes, I'd have to look through all my old sheets and chats but I believe BT has about 3800 Magic resists, Gele has 5800 physical resists.

This is gold!
Please do so when convenient, thank you in advance.

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