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Re: Dragon vs Imp

What is your build and rotation? Also, would this question be better asked in the druid forums? I believe most of your damage is based around your casts, and filler melee dmg is elemental and divine procs. Would Spirit Purple Phoenix be better? Focus : 320 Vitality : 320 Stackable magic lure Spirit ...

Re: Allow Server swapping!

One of the most overlooked aspect of dom servers, is the amount of toxic drama they tend to generate. The reason why the current Taranis dom clans actually succeed, was that they play the players, while the rest of the server is still playing the game. Some of the toxic examples are : 1) sending in ...

The solo guide that no one needed

Making this video guide has brought back good memories of this game, which is the intention of its making. I know that most people here have semi even log on these days, and hope this guide evokes nostalgia for you. https://ryanlearnstoblock.home.blog/2021/05/20/you-are-not-alone-how-to-solo-sreng/

Re: Small Study: Raw Damage vs. Actual Damage at Constant Resists in PvE

Robert wrote:
ryandragon wrote:Do you have any tested resistances data from bosses?

Yes, I'd have to look through all my old sheets and chats but I believe BT has about 3800 Magic resists, Gele has 5800 physical resists.

This is gold!
Please do so when convenient, thank you in advance.

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