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Re: When is the next plat weekend

People like you are the reason that VR are not updating game. They see players still spending money on the game, so they are not in a rush on updating it. I bet that if people stopped playing spending money, they have the option to let it die or update the game to retain the players. you go on ever...

Re: Thanks for the event!

This event is garbage most peoplehave already 5 eg toons i would perfer all raid bosses spawn every 6 hours over this honeslty... still waiting for this july update its about to be october... You have to look the current situation though a different lens. VR is stalling the update because they want...

Re: Samhain

I come to the forum every 5 days to see if there are news about the update. I have accepted that the game is dead. Start looking for a new game.

Re: July update

So VR decided not to give us a birthday event or double plat on June 15 because the update was releasing in the “upcoming days”. A month later they only have given us a dragon carnage event, which is alright, and an iPhone login update which has brought bunch of bugs to the game. Why can’t they be h...

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