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Re: Leveling

For short: you can't be effective hybrid till very-very endgame gear. Stay dps till 220, go 3 str 2 vit, you good with roughly 4500 hp at 150 lvl, 6000-6500 at 200+. Frenzy, shatter, pummel, double attack, rupture. Bear mount, pig pet. Use axe and sword to lvl skill. Don't mess with spear, it's goo...

Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

Technically sharing is allowed for toons like clan banks, eyes, lure bots etc. ...I'm not sure I know what those second 2 are; could someone please explain? Edit: because I'm fairly certain the exception hasn't ever applied to anything beyond banks; campers, lockers, specialized tanks, lure monkeys...

Re: Pet Class

Hey there! None of the classes have a specific skill that summons them a pet. There are pets in the game that you can purchase (by buying tokens from players, or by completing daily quests), but there is no AI involved - they just attack whatever mob you are fighting, and they do it from a static p...

Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

(Thanks for clarifying Eragon, I never got around to explaining any numbers did I? lol) I like the idea, it's a fun new twist on "double xp" and I'm interested to see if they play with group mechanics more in the future (there have been numerous ideas about ways to tweak grouping, and I wo...

Re: Atari, Who are we?

SnappiEpona wrote:
Mind wrote::D good luck to you all!
gonna be honest, excel tracking sounds like a lot of work

cheers man its going rlly well already o.o

Sweet :) happy to hear


I have a feeling this is serious, but I don’t know where to start on the issues here. Most of this is already inconsistent with much of the feedback from the last thread. Only potentially feasible solution garnered from the above is a more passive version of the third option; as suggested before, th...

Re: New Player Questions

To expand a bit on the above: B. Epona is easily the most populated but gear can get expensive especially late game C. Any class isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but some suit different play styles. Rogues are fun but squishy and are a fairly popular class so gear tends to be somewhat harder to get l...

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