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Is this bugged? Didn’t want to but in bug reports until had more feedback.

Hi I have been using this for the past couple of weeks, previously just using Aggy pierce ring to get my 50/45 pierce lure. Of course lure miss sometimes mostly at Prot grrrr, however since using this new brace my pierce is missing a lot almost 50% were as before maybe miss 3-5%. I was wondering if ...

Re: Mastery

I’m currently 1300, I was hoping that would be high enough but I’m not getting good results at all. Would say I will see a big difference at 1600? I was ready to give up.

Bonus XP right over the Christmas days poor choice.

This game is for all ages not just children who spend all day opening their presents and enjoying them. There are people who only see family members a few times a years because they live far away or work a lot. There are families who have religious beliefs and will be very busy. Of course parent or ...

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