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Re: Apostate bracelet

The bracer shouldn't have ever been introduced into the game in the first place. The time they spent on making those rare drops should have been put into a meaningful update. Maybe then we would have gotten the summer update they planned.

Re: CG Off hands

Need 7 echoes to reach tier 8 of a offhand and two seeds from BT to reach tier 10. You get tier 1 of the CG offhands by completing a quest in CG when you have EDL weapons.

Re: The Dino raid.

Idk what you guys are on about. Dino is perfect, according to the devs. Nothing wrong with it at all. The glitches, all intentional, the RNG, intentional. You wanna kill the boss just get gud. All you gotta get is good gear, have you tried having everyone wear full DG and all godlies? It should be e...

Re: Gele axe

Robert wrote:
Wardon-CH wrote:But from what I can tell from the op asking about a dark gele axe I'm gonna say go with the gele axe.

OK, let’s forget about gear.

Why does a Dark Axe beat an EDL sword?

What's this supposed to mean lol? Without gear edl sword probably/might compete with a void gele axe.

Re: Gele axe

Hell if you got apostates use whatever build you want lol. Yea sure a EDL sword is going to compete with a void axe with BT rings and some apostate/troll braces. You have that kinda gear go edl sword. But I highly doubt any of that is readily accessible and basing a build of that seems a little far ...

Re: Griefing at Dino

RUKE wrote:Teleporting by dino dosent only effect those who is in aggro list

I was also off tank at gates and never went in dino aggro range or any aoe or orbs of dino , still got teleported out .

Did it happen once or multiple times during the fight as the add tank?

Re: Griefing at Dino

From my experience the raid group has control of the encounter pretty easily. Lvl 1 alts aren’t going to do anything. And the teleport to stonevale is a meme. My biggest concern is raid level appropriate individuals hopping in and healing the boss with negative energy. They will also be the ones th...

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