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I’m Back!

Yo Gwydion peeps!

After taking 4+ years away from the game, I’m thinking about coming back! Any of the people from way back when still play? Would love to link up with some of you.


Revival Chests - A Veteran Players Unpopular Opinion

The recent addition (and now removal) of Revival Chests has players incredibly frustrated. As an old player myself, I am not actually all that mad. Let me tell you why. First off, OneThumbMobile (Celtic Heroes) is a business. This means that they need money in order to run, and are motivated by mone...

Re: 'Tis Time

I quit too Arjun! Can I copy and paste your message cuz this is how I feel too haha. Anyways, good luck IRL, we always had a deep hate for each other but it was fun. I would call us frenimies!

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