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So!! Been thinking.

Why don't you increase the gold drop on legacy. It's simple to do I hope, and really gives some value to all these Ymir, and askold etc

Haven't seen a skain in forever

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

Transparency and feedback seem to be pretty thin on the ground atm with most feedback / suggestion threads being ignored. If some of the tiny changes people have asked for are too much to ask then it speaks volumes about the resources available. It send they have enough time to place bans all over ...

Re: Against the dominance

If a clan is killing bosses like frozen/metroic etc just to prevent other clans from progressing then thats what I would consider toxic and bad, but ur only option then is to fight back and try to out lock them on it cuz they are doing nothing against the rules /: But in MOST cases, bosses like hru...

Re: Against the dominance

As a member of a Dom clan, previous chief and previous general I think about this issue a lot. In general I'll help others, make friends outside the clan, I only respond to them if they ask to join or ask for a lot of help (let's face it, they won't play long if they don't get help, regardless of wh...

Re: Synced Timer+ the new and improved Celtic Timer(its a different app not an update)

Hi, The new app looks great and can only be thankful for your commitment to improve everyone user experience in in celtic heroes but I have noticed along with others that we aren't able to open up the previous timer anymore and was wondering if this new app is to take place of the old or will you b...

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