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Re: Best PvP wep to date?

For PvP the grim definitely seems better. Like you said the lure comes in handy with all the resistances warriors/rogues like to hide behind. That 9k heat dmg is also really nice on top of the lure. The 140 vit could possibly save your life in a duel and the 1k to critical skills obviously ups your ...

Re: Hacker

Angmar Reid wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Beton wrote:Nice hypothesis, I will read about it. I heard about hashing before, but didn't know it can be used this way.

Yes yes very intriguing scientific method indeed. Can hashing cook my hash browns as well?

Probably not but you can cook your hash browns.

Tbh I’ve never made hash browns before lol

Re: Hacker

Yeah, that s very unpleasant situation, nobody would like to lose account because of hackers. Especially if you spent a lot of time developing it. I can presume how they hacked it. There is such technology called hashing. It can generate any password by the method of guessing symbols. That is a ver...

Re: New Player

And I said multiple times earlier that endgame activity or what ever happens in endgame does not represent the whole server lmao. He’s a new player, he probably doesn’t even know what half of those terms mean, if he does then good for him. He’s looking for an active server across all levels, he cle...

Re: New Player

Have you seen their website? Theres literally one paragraph in the entire website that even mentions Celtic Heroes. Go to the "Games" tab and it doesn't even mention the game. The survival rate of a game when it has a major turnover is dramatically small. They're totally over this game. A...

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