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Stop joining epona

There just to many people joining new to epona please stop I can never ever get in the game during bosses becuase there’s just to many players online on epona. Thanks if you don’t want to experience these issues aswell stay away from epona

Will we get a double plat

Was wondering if we will get another double plat and some confirmation would be good as it’s either I spend my cash on an Xbox game or save it for double plat if I had some confirmation. If you tell us in advance I think a lot of us would save up to buy plat on double plat. And if I miss our it isn’...

Re: Update issue

i installed the update on both ios and andriod seen the andriod one install but it still says i need to update the game on my andriod device while on ios i can see the server screen so seems andriod bug is still there that they delayed update for yesterday

Re: Remove pvp

maybe if every server worked as a server instead of individual clans in 1 server competing against themselves for it then again if you guys attempted to work together with other clans in your server you'd all be complaining as-well that a weaker clan in your server got the drop.

Re: Apostate bracelet

To be honest the game messed up during the start they dropped very frequently my server managed to acquire 4 in the first 2 month after this never seen another drop in many months should of had a high drop rate at the start not once a few got it and none to be seen again

Can’t log in to epona

Thought you guys did an update to prevent this but every time there a boss due which means a lot of people online you literally can’t get in to the game you have to log on 10mins in advance just to play. Sigh ,honestly if you guys wana kill the game just end it already .

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