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I can't send a support ticket to get my phoenix back, I have both eggs still and figured I'd post here and hope it's fixed by the next time I log in the game (I've been busy lately so not super active) my mage is Temptat1on on epona and I accidentally traded my t5 Phoenix but still have both the egg...

Re: Bring back arena event

I agree bring back arena event... only people who are salty is becuase they server didnt get not 1 crystal Lmao you must be kidding. The lag totally didn't exist right? We all totally love getting 2 fps and getting blasted by aoes and dots constantly and not being able to attack back and having ser...

Re: How Much would you pay?

Thanks I knew this was the worse of the two. I would rather have reaper ring for sure. Huntsman ring doesnt help much I don't and will never. Need a speed boost for running. Lmao. Now attack speed sure. It's ok. It's a cool ring no matter what. If j was a tank warrior build the 15% defense increase...

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