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Re: Clan Owned Gear

So, we had a convo on another thread and ended up drifting into this. The idea of clan owned gear to me anyway, seems like BS dom clan logic. The analogy I like to use is its kinda like working for a company, you put in all the time,effort n work. Instead of getting payed they lend you money. Then ...

Re: Full support?

https://i.postimg.cc/fRTx6dK6/20190529-172631.jpg No bt dex ammy yet tho Nice expo any chance you can post items you use and stats :D Royal ambush brac x2 2 imp necro cunn rings 2 godly necro cunn rings T6 drag Royal dex bt charm DG Godly emberdrake ammy (looking for bt now) Shad dex gele dag 200 d...

Re: Next dbl plat

OK, cool story. If a company, say your every day grocerystore, experience they are charging you for 2 breads instead of 1 every now and then, due to a bug... Is it ok for them to say its only a visible bug on the receit? Even though the money clearly left your bank account? Please explain to me how...

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