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Re: Against the dominance

Hi, In our server (I don't know if i can mention wich server) dominance is causing allot of people to leave the server, don't play anymore or join the dominant clan, since the game gets boring. The dominant clan here doesn't cooperate with any people outside there clan. Here we lock most likely bos...

Re: Unexpected reset

Sometimes VR may need to do a server restart with very limited notice. I'd assume most of those cases have to do with fixing a very important issue, such as a security bug or something similar. When things like that happen, VR can't give much in the way of advance notice, it's unfortunate, but some...

Re: Response to griefing

This is one of those touchy subjects. Griefing I think is to hinder the raid entirely. However buying your clan time to log by locking is just executing a strategy to get the finished kill. It wont be popular to the losing team, but if its to troll and not finish the raid thats another story. If on...

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

Wow, wasted elixirs, wasted time, bad attitudes, I'm sure they will be along any minute to start trash talking and get this thread deleted or locked Thread will be locked anyways because op named and shamed by posting screenshots of it Unlikely as already people from the defending side already have...

Re: Gele Lock Battle - Is outlocking without being able to kill a boss griefing?

Chaotic wrote:Grief their geles with early bashes until they agree to make a deal to stop attacking with under x amount of toons. Only advice I can give you. We did this on Gwydion with a degree of success.

"This is simple and just works" -Elon Musk

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

Nomad wrote:I like the idea of instances, twice in a 24hr period the clan can enter a instance where the entire floor is a raid dungeon. Nobody other clans to disrupt anything

I like the idea of all football players be able to use hands in the penalty box so no one else can score.

Edit: Soccer

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

Cant have 50 people in a lock group, so the 8 vs 50 comment in the screenshot was kinda dumb, its lock group vs lock group. Those tanks and druids aren't gonna help much in locking. And here one lock group has gele weapons, dg armor, and bt jewels, so that's a hefty advantage. Also I view any attem...

Re: Gele Lock Battle Crap pls all respond

What another says is griefing is what they have decided for that server and doesn't necessarily apply to all server ( in the same way that drop distribution doesn't either), it may or may not apply to ours. Iirc you used to be a member of concordiia and were geared well. As I said we enjoy competit...

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