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Re: Epona Server Issues

The lack of communication between this gaming studio and the player base at this point is just ridiculous. How do we get in contact with the old developers and tell them this game has been abandoned and that they can sneak back in and reclaim it. LONG LIVE OTM!!! :P

Re: Witch Dead

There can't be any logical explanation on this. Only thing you VR can do is apologise from Community. Accept that this was rushed and was a total garbage design. Or keep deleting posts you don't like as you have done since you guys fire VR. All of ch now is a big beta for the new game they are work...

Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

This decision makes me sad. In the past, my experience with mobile games going this route has always lead to the death of the first game for multiple factors. Mainly the focus shifts and the original game gets less and less quality updates. I for one will be bowing out because of this. No need to pu...

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