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Re: New item drop locations

New location? https://i.postimg.cc/ncWfmPXr/58-DA26-D0-358-E-46-B0-A0-DC-01-D64-C79993-D.png https://i.postimg.cc/9085Jx1x/8-FC52-D50-1-E44-4-B7-F-A585-72-FD21-C799-CB.png https://i.postimg.cc/Ght1HCh6/B196802-A-295-D-41-DF-B6-D8-AB0-E7-FE388-E6.png after how long of farming did u get that one and ...

Give us something DEVS

we know VR working on another game, but we CH players been here for years and it's getting a bit boring without any new events, and the last tweet CH did was like a real while back. we players really need some events, updates. seems like DEVS just dont care about CH anymore and ur player base. pleas...

Re: Support

offiues wrote:Do admin check their pms? Sent one few days ago and not had any response. @diffinitus

danm offiues u still play ;d

Hellforged brace

hello fellow heroes. currently farming Hellforged brace, will like help from fellow heroes in other servers.
is it a rare spawn, or if i kill mid area trolls it has a chance to spawn instead?
thank you!

Server swapping/trading/xfering

celtic heroes been around since 2011. i mainly play lugh, xfering is really hard these days aswell as some of us players around all servers is stuck. is there any way one day we players would be able to xfer to another server freely without starting all over? considring some of us invest money, and ...


Admins, it will be alot more easier to avoid all this chaos going around if you can just update us with what's going on, like events updates, it will be gladly amazing to hear anything from admins so we know whats going on cause right now all your player base is in the dark,

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