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Re: Update

Thanks so much. Many of us really do appreciate that you are working to make Celtic Hero’s better. Some of us have played for a long time and wish to do so for many years. I have made some great friends and wish this game many years of continued success. Thanks for keeping it going. We are excited ...

Re: Who remembers

Who remembers the good old days when we would get 4 different updates a year with different fash mounts chest legeacy bosses and even quests now its impossible to get one of these changes in over 8 months. Even new bugs pop up every new update which never happened back then Post will probably get r...

Re: Hey, I'm new to donn and i'm happy to call it my second home.

Im new to donn also Ive been playing for a few week's now and when i loged today i found the sever completely empty. Im sad to say that it is a dead server now i fell sorry for the ppl there they seem lost and have nothing to do. Prices in the ah are desperate and so ridiculously overpriced nobody w...

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